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Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau is unique for many reasons. Though not comprehensive, we’ve listed and described several unique aspects of the region that will help visitors get the most out of their trip to the region.

> Geologic Features
> Cerulean Warblers & song birds
> Elk Reintroduction
> Freshwater Fish and Mussels

Tennessee Hiking Trails
The Best Nature Viewing and Hiking

Welcome to Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau Nature Trail.  With three tours available—the Northern Tour, Central Tour and Southern Tour—the Cumberland Plateau Nature Trail is designed to guide you through the very best hiking and nature viewing in Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau region.  Offering diverse experiences—from city greenways to vast wilderness areas—the sites in each tour provide a unique and satisfying look at the area’s wonders.

You will find more resources and information about Tennessee’ Cumberland Plateau throughout this Web site to help you plan you visit.  With everything the region has to offer, we know that you will enjoy the "Woods, Wonders, and Wildlife" of Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau. 

Cumberland Plateau Nature Trail Map Legend
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